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Since 1996, Net Results has been a leader in operational and training services for public and private sector enterprises around the globe.

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Since 1996, we’ve been the trusted advisors to world-leading organizations, consistently upholding the principles that guide our associates.

Asset Management Services

Net Results provides assessment, strategy, planning, and execution services for asset management, maintenance, and reliability practices.

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Training Services

Net Results provides training development and delivery services, both onsite and online.

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Engineering Services

Net Results provides onsite support of production validation, throughput, and quality verification requirements.

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Health & Safety (H&S) Services

Net Results helps unlock the potential for heightened safety and diminished operational risks through the implementation of a strategic action plan, transforming your processes and assets.

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Culture & Change Management

Net Results guides a transformative approach designed to elevate your organization’s dynamics and foster lasting positive change.

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  • MRO Materials – Making the Invisible Visible

    What’s on your shelves?  Continuing our series on “Making the Invisible Visible.”  Let’s try to answer some fundamental questions about the state of maintenance and reliability practices from MRO material’s data contained in any number of ERP, EAM, PDM, MES, CAD systems.  If we can? Hint:  Begin with configuration management core principles.  Know all component…

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  • Make the Invisible Visible – Data Matters (original post date: 3/25/15)

    “I’ll know it when I see it!” Countless conversations where at least one person heroically proclaims…“I can tell the state of maintenance and reliability practices just by walking through the operations!” As fists pound the table—where grunts and smirks suggest that either side of truth may be in play.  Such insight!  Surely one must claim…

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  • Apologies First

    I have no one to blame but myself! For those who have been following my blogs I must apologize for the site going down.  I thought I was being spammed for money and in fact it was my blog site renewal notice.  Being a busy with the launch of the new aluminum Ford F150 I was remiss…

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