I am the founder and President of Net Results Inc.  I have spent a lifetime imagining, defining and motivating solutions towards “Future Perfect” production and asset management practices; from planning, design, to execution; from investments to divestment in physical assets; ultimately matching supply capabilities to market demands, with the optimal investment in resources at any given moment in time. I have lead, developed and influenced industry leaders and their resources to the betterment of their organizations.

As a student of industry I have broad and deep knowledge of production, M&R, supply chain best practices and enabling technologies. I have worked professionally in all phases of the asset lifecycle: from product design and validation, equipment design and qualification, MRO industrial distribution, to leading a full service engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firm.

As an entrepreneur, I have worked in partnership with industry leaders to develop client strategies, imagine new products and services, while delivering useful solutions to asset-intensive industries. I am a trusted confidant to clients and those who serve the M&R marketplace.